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Media Strategy and Technology Innovation

Advancements in technology, most notably the Internet and digital media arts, are changing many of our basic assumptions regarding information, news and entertainment. Here we  examine the business strategies and technology trends that have transformed the field ​  of communication. Innovation is about much more than developing new products services. It’s about reinventing business and organizational processes and rewiring them for creativity and growth. Welcome to the Digital Navigator Earth Globe.


Richard A. Gershon, Ph.D., (Ohio University) is Professor Emeritus
at Western Michigan University where he specializes in Media, Strategy and 
Technology Innovation.  Dr. Gershon is an award winning educator  and internationally recognized scholar having authored eight books and multiple journal articles and book chapters.  His most recent works include: Media, Telecommunications and Business Strategy 3rd ed. (Routledge, 2020) as well as Digital Media and Innovation: Management and Design Strategies in Communication (Sage, 2017).  

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Richard A. Gershon, Ph.D.

Media, Telecommunications and Business Strategy

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