Strategic Planning Communication and Innovation Com. 6430

Course Description:


This course will examine the importance of innovation and innovative thinking to the long-term success of today’s business and nonprofit organizations. Strategic planning is the set of managerial decisions and actions that determine the long-term success of a business or nonprofit enterprise. Innovation is important because it creates a lasting advantage for an organization. In this course, we consider three important
questions: First, what does it mean to be an innovative media business enterprise?  Second, why do good companies fail to remain innovative over time?  Third, what are the best methods       for developing and fostering a culture of innovation within an organization?  


Today, innovation is about much more than developing new products.  It is about reinventing business and organizational processes and building entirely new markets to meet untapped customer needs.  Special attention is given to three kinds of business and technology, innovation. They include: 1) product innovation, 2) business model innovation and 3) process

innovation.  Some of today’s more innovative companies are successful in all three areas.


A basic theme found throughout this course is that successful innovation presupposes effective communication between all members of an organizational team involved in the development
of new products and services.  A second important theme has         to do with how organizations adapt and respond to change.          
In this course, we consider several 
important theoretical constructs, including the diffusion of innovation, the innovator’s dilemma and product planning and design issues. 

The Detroit Metro Consulting Group - Project Example