Communication Technology and Innovation Com. 4490

Course Description:


From smart phones to smart cities, this course will examine a number 

of media and information technologies that have transformed the business of communication.  It is intended for the working professional who requires an applied understanding of the design characteristics and performance features of several important communication technologies including cable television and smart homes, digital media and electronic commerce, satellite communications, smart phones and wireless communication, intelligent networking and virtual reality.


Part of our assignment involves taking a closer look at a number of
issues pertaining to the social use of media and information technology.  
Special attention is given to such topical issues as digital lifestyle, 
social networking (Facebook, Twitter etc.), human/computer interface design
as well as select theories of communication technology, including Innovation and Design theory, Diffusion of Innovation, Innovator’s Dilemma, Social Presence and Media Richness theory. 


A second goal of this course is to look at the subject of innovation.  

Today, innovation is about much more than developing new products
and services.  It’s about reinventing business and organizational processes 
and building entirely new markets to meet untapped customer needs. Innovation is about taking organizations built for efficiency and rewiring 
them for creativity and growth.