Media Management and Telecommunications  Com. 4480

Course Description:


This course looks at the business of media management with a special emphasis given to industry structure, communication technology as   well as strategic decision-making. Advancements in technology, most notably the Internet and digital media arts, are changing many of           our basic assumptions regarding information, news and entertainment content. Special attention is given to five sectors of the media and telecommunications field, including: 1) Broadcast Television, 2) Cable Television, 3) Over-The-Top Video Streaming Services, 4) Cellular Telephony and 5) The Internet and Electronic Commerce.

The second part of this course examines a number of management   and planning issues that are essential to the training of today's media and telecommunications professional. They include: Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Innovatiion and Design and Media Marketing.


One of the important goals of this course is to better understand the working relationship between product development, supply chain delivery and the customer experience. A second goal of the course is  
to learn how  to troubleshoot when problems arise. A real defining moment for any manager is when he/she is faced with the unexpected and how well a person is able to adapt and demonstrate good problem solving skills.


This course is approved as a writing-intensive course which will fulfill 
the baccalaureate-level writing requirement of the student's curriculum.

Project Case Study Sample: New York Times