Ph.D. Mass Communication
Ohio University: Athens, Ohio 45701
June 1986


M.Ed. Education
University of Vermont: Burlington, VT 05405
June 1980


B.A. English (Danforth Honors)
Goddard College: Plainfield, VT 05667
June 1974





Professor Emeritus,

Telecommunications & Information Management 
School of Communication,
1903 West Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008


  • Professor, 2001 - 2020

  • Associate Professor, 1994-2001

  • Assistant Professor, 1990-1994


Teaching Responsibilities - Courses:


  • Media Management and Telecommunications

  • Communication Technology and Innovation

  • Media and Telecommunications Law 

  • Strategic Planning, Communication & Innovation

  • Freedom of Expression

  • Introduction to Media and Telecommunications


Assistant Professor, Telecommunications
Department of Communication: New Paltz, NY 12561
September 1986 - June 1989.


Director of Telecommunications Research,
Senior Business Editor, Telecommunications Magazine
Horizon-House Publications: Dedham, MA 02026
August 1984 - June 1986.


Instructor, English and Mass Communication
September 1976 - June 1981.





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Western Michigan University: College of Arts & Sciences, Faculty Achievement Award in Professional and Community Service, 2017.

Presented by the College of Arts & Sciences, Kalamazoo, MI:
April 18, 2017.

Western Michigan University: College of Arts & Sciences, Faculty Achievement Award in Research and Creative Activity, 2015.

Presented by the College of Arts & Sciences, Kalamazoo, MI:
April 8, 2015.


International Telecommunications Education & Research Association: The 2012 Katherine B. Snow Research Paper Award, “Digital Media Innovation and the Apple iPad: Reinventing
the 21st Century Newspaper.” Indianapolis, IN: March 31, 2012.


Fulbright Visiting Scholar, The University of Navarra , Facultad de Comunicación, Pamplona Spain : October – December 2011.


International Telecommunications Education & Research Association: The Distinguished Service Award, Presented in Nashville, TN: April 11, 2010.


Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching: 
U.S. Professor of the Year, 2008. Honorable Mention, Washington, DC: November, 2008.


Western Michigan University: The Distinguished Teaching Award, 2007. Presented by the President and the University Board of Trustees, Kalamazoo, MI: October 25, 2007.


Western Michigan University: College of Arts & Sciences, 
Faculty Achievement Award in Teaching, 2005. Presented by the College of Arts & Sciences, Kalamazoo, MI: December 7, 2005.


The Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC): The Barry Sherman Award for Teaching Excellence, 2001. Presented by the Media Management & Economics Division, AEJMC, Washington DC: August 5, 2001.


Nihon University – Japan: Visiting Scholar, College of Engineering

& Technology. Tokyo, Japan: March - April, 2000.


The International Radio & Television Society (IRTS): 
Stephen H. Coltrin Professor of the Year, 2000. For Excellence
in the Field of Communication and Education, Presented by the IRTS, 

New York: March 5, 2000.


The National Cable Center in Cooperation with the Univerity
of Denver,
The 1998 Cable Center National Book Award.
The Transnational Media Corporation: Global Messages and
Free Market Competition, Presented at the Cable Academic Seminar

and Awards Reception, Atlanta, GA. May 2, 1998.



Professional Service

National Academic Service


Chairman, Board of Directors,

Information and Telecommunications Education and Research Association (ITERA), April 2011 – April 2014.



Fetzer Advisory Council on the Information and Communication

Professions, Fetzer Institute, April 2011 – December 2013.



    Served as an advisor for 2012 Fetzer Global Gathering, Assisi, Italy.

    The Innocence Project, Grant Writer and Program Development,

    The Innocence Project Network Conference, 2013, Charlotte, NC.


Conference Program Co-Chair,

2009 International Telecommunications Education and Research     Association (ITERA) Conference , Atlanta, GA: April 18-20, 2009.



     Conference program, paper submissions and review

     Marketing and conference promotion



Western Michigan University

WMU Faculty Senate Executive Board, Fall 2012 - Present.

Vice President, WMU Faculty Senate, Fall 2014-2016.

Chair, Committee on University Statgegic Planning (CUSP)

September 2013 -  2016.



    Committee monitored and reviewed the implementation

    of the University strategic plan; will review, advise and make

    recommendations to the University President and WMU
    Faculty Senate.


Chair, Campus Planning & Finance Council, September 2010 –
August 2012., May 2004 – June 2007.


WMU Faculty Senator and School Representative
2013 – 2016, 2004 - 2007, 1993 -1997.


WMU Athletic Board of Advisors, January 2013 – Present.


Professor, Co-Director

Telecommunications & Information Management program

2003 - Present.


    The TIM program is an interdiciplinary program shared
    between the School of Communication and 
the Department
    of Business Information Systems.